About the company

Here at Smart Installs our clients come F.I.R.S.T! We focus on making our customers pleased with any tasks at hand. 


Our Company Motto

We have all heard the phrase customer first and we at Smart Installs believe that’s a given. Our focus has and will always be our people and their families. Making sure we take care of our loved ones so we can focus on our tasks at hand knowing our family is good. 

Everyone is different and we celebrate these differences! Ideas and opinions matter. From our team members to our clients we are listening to every individuals needs and feedback.

Let’s celebrate often and with purpose. Also recognize any opportunities to improve and excel at what we do.

Our people make us our clients keep us going the public is our oyster. We need to protect ourselves, our clients and our future clients. We do our best every day to ensure we operate in a safe manner. This includes regular training and meetings to ensure this stays on top of mind.

Our growth over the years is only a testament to our team work. We know and value the benefits or a well oiled machine with all cylinders firing. Regular team outing, meetings and chat groups help us stay connected to each other and our clients.